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Early Goat Coffee Co.

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Meet the Roaster

Early entrepreneurs  Troy and Damian fell into coffee as their passion for it flowered into a highway of storytelling, cultural diversity, and global indulgence.

Troy, a former international flight attendant for the world’s largest global airline, describes his thirst for culture and the opportunities within coffee to exchange love for hate and laughter from darkness. “Coffee is a universal language; we should use the reach of coffee to bring about a greater experience, for all people.” says Troy.

Committed to farm viability, market sustainability, and growth; Troy and Damian have tried to tie the coffee consumers experience with the industry in a freshly brewed way.

A coffee entrepreneur by day and brand creator by bathtub, Troy branded Repeat Coffee® and Damian quickly began a creative journey to bring Repeat Coffee® to life. 

Sourcing Practices

“We are looking for the best coffees, of course. But, we are looking more to change the factors of what make a great coffee great to the consumer. One that is sourced and traded fairly, by way of good character should be the prize coffees” 

Damian voices a more enlightening approach on coffee sustainability, citing a #CoffeePriceCrisis and a farm-to-consumer index of nearly 1000% profits for the end seller.

“Coffee farmers are abused by this industry. They love and depend on coffee to make their world go ’round.”  “So do we!”

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